I'm Katie Wagner

I make pixels look awesome

About me

A quick glance at who I am and what I do

Katie Wagner

Pixel Wrangler in the Greater Seattle area

Pixels of all sorts tremble when they see me, because they know I'm there to put them in their place! Whether it's a website layout, an app interface, a photograph, or even something destined for print, I can make it look awesome. I started making websites and taking photographs back in 2000 and never stopped!

When I'm not staring at Photoshop, I can often still be found at my computer playing video games, blogging, looking up recipes, or reading reddit. When I actually get away from the computer (and am not eating or sleeping), I'm probably sewing, knitting, chilling with my boyfriend and dog, or playing Pathfinder with my friends.

Oh hai, I'm Katie!

Technical Skills

I'm good with these useful things


I'm an Adobe Certified Expert


I'm an Adobe Certified Expert


I've done quite a few sites in it


I can get my hands dirty with some code


I know enough to work with it, but not write it from scratch


Databases don't scare me

Work Experience

Companies I've worked with

09 / 2011


Designer Extrodinaire

When there is a design task, I am on it! I have assisted with redesigning the website and user gallery. I worked on the UI redesign of Photomatix Essentials and am currently working on the UI for the future iPad and web apps.



Tech Support Guru

I mostly do tech support for Freeway (an HTML generator), but I also occasionally help out with some design tasks. I also do some technical writing for knowledge base articles and made a few video tutorials.


Katalyst Resources LLC

Jack of All Trades

I do my freelance work through my company Katalyst Resources, LLC. I am available to help with small projects of all sorts!


How I study


Ongoing Learning

The Internet

All the best tricks I've learned are things that I've found while working on projects or just browsing. I learn best whe I'm doing things hands-on, so I am very much self-taught and never stop learning!


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[email protected]


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